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Biohacking is the strategic process of changing your lifestyle so your unique biology can work better and you feel your best. Biohacking helps millions of people feel more energized, be more productive, and live their best lives.

About He-Fluence

I’m Michael Huey

Without a change today, the next 15 years are going to fly by. He-Fluence is here to help you balance health, relationships, and business so every year, you get better, stronger, and more successful.

I founded He-Fluence because I’ve seen the real improvements that come from biohacking, coaching, and training. He-Fluence gets men actual results: more physical strength, confidence, and wealth than they dreamed possible. Through customized, coaching and powerful products, I lead this global movement of men who are committed to taking care of themselves, becoming more confident, and showing up fully in their lives.

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The elite society for motivated men to “level up” in
their health, relationships, and business.


Are you ready to have a stronger body, to be at the top of your game? Don’t become the overweight, underwhelming CEO who is satisfied with mediocrity. Biohack your body and live your healthiest life.

Step Up


Ready to feel clear, capable, and powerful in your relationships? Ready to be excited about how your family is evolving? Learn how to show up for your family and lead with purpose.

Man Up


Remember how your first day of work felt? When you were focused, driven, and motivated? What if every day could feel as powerful as that first? He-Fluence works to make that your reality, and move you toward even more financial success.

Wake Up


  • Mike is a man with confident humility, reaching out to others with knowledge, love and grace yet being bold about it. He’s the real deal and I am thankful we crossed paths. Six months into the wellness journey with Mike as coach I am 25 pounds lighter and have become stronger with more energy along with a much healthier frame of mind. Not easy but well worth it. If you’re looking to make a positive change in the direction of your life join with Mike and his team. Invest in yourself.

    Jeff Myers
  • Accountability and shared goals were important to me so I committed to being a part of this group of men.
    During the 30 day challenge, I was able to follow the team coaching guides provided by Mike that included weekly shopping lists, meal planning along with exercise challenges and weekly goals. I am happy to say that after the 30 days, I lost total of 30 pounds and was able to increase my testosterone in the process! Mike’s video coaching sessions helped both me and my wife understand how to adjust our planning meals, especially when we were on the go during busy times.

    Freddy Santos Jr.
  • In August 2017; I joined Michael Huey’s 30 day Challenge Total Health Experience Facebook Group at the invitation of a friend of mine – thanks Freddy Santos! After the first 10 days following the program everything was working; I had lost 15 pounds!
    Michael Huey has a wealth of knowledge and is a mighty man of God. This was my first time having a virtual coach; I was impressed by how easy it was with the various communication technologies Michael uses to stay in touch.

    Ed Henze
  • Michael’s coaching has not only had a major impact on my life and my health but has also impacted the lives of my wife and children. As a family we are making better food choices, foods with higher nutritional values as well as real supplements with the ability to activate our bodies cellular health, a key component in maintaining our overall health.

    Fred Balke
  • Right before starting this program I was trying all kinds of things to lose some weight but was never able to get my weight lower than about 205 lbs. Since joining the program I am now down to 181 lbs. and dropping. I feel fantastic! I’m feel healthier, have more energy and know now to maintain and keep it up. This program has made me a better husband, dad, Christian and boss at my job. I’m very fortunate Michael Huey goes to my church and God brought him in my life so I can be a better version of myself.

    Frank Perry
  • I want to thank you, Michael, for your support, leadership and the true inspiration in leading me in the 30-day challenge which I lost 24 lbs. and now in the 90-day continuation where I am down 35 lbs. I attribute your inspiration in getting healthy to change my lifestyle and behaviors along with my wife Barb who’s down 14 lbs. We attribute our success to 4 things that have encouraged our daily pursuit to health gains and weight loss.

    Ed Reams
  • I am so grateful for Michael Huey’s leadership with the Total Health Experience. Although I was in fairly decent shape at the beginning of my 30 days, I found that I had grown comfortable in the stewardship of my body. I needed a challenge. Michael Huey challenged me. For me it was the consistent accountability that made the difference. I was able to take my training and my daily discipline to another level because I was no longer on my own. There were other people counting on me. Am so grateful for the Total Health Experience! Don’t wait. Don’t hesitate. This is your time!

    David Misner
  • …Michael is one of the most forthright individuals I have known expressing sincere concern and care in our interactions. He has been training my son in physical preparation of his football career at The University of South Florida. Michael displays the utmost professionalism at all times. He can be considered trustworthy and responsible. I would consider his character and integrity beyond reproach. I would expect without question, the same level of response in all matters with all individuals.

    Charles E. Wilcox
  • I can truly say that Mike’s protocol has been very effective in affording really, really busy guys like me a practical system to reverse my health and fitness vector. I’m feeling better than I have in many years and I’m seeing the net results in just about every area of my life – including more effectiveness in my business, my relationships (including my marriage and with my kids) and even my spiritual walk.

    Mark Harris

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